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Object Storage versus Block Storage: Understanding the Technology Differences

by Yadin Porter de León and Tony Piscopo at Druva

Even very technical people scratch their heads over the business value of object storage. In other words, what problems does it solve? What are its drawbacks and limitations? Which types of applications run better, what breaks, and what do you need to completely redesign to take advantage of the storage technology? Ultimately every IT admin wants to know if object storage is a good fit for certain workloads. In this article, we define object storage, compare it to alternatives, and give an overview of where it can make a performance difference for enterprise computing.

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Apache Falcon

by HortonWorks.com

Apache™ Falcon is a framework for simplifying data management and pipeline processing in Apache Hadoop®. It enables users to automate the movement and processing of datasets for ingest, pipelines, disaster recovery and data retention use cases. Instead of hard-coding complex dataset and pipeline processing logic, users can now rely on Apache Falcon for these functions, maximizing reuse and consistency across Hadoop applications.

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Scripting Does Not Scale For Network Automation

by Greg Ferro, Ethereal Mind

Lots of interest is using scripting for automation and, for a few scripts or tasks, you can get a lot done for not much effort. My experiences with scripting have left me bitter and jaded. Here is why.

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