Who is Daystrom?

For 25 years, we’ve been creating enterprise data storage solutions for people who need faster workflows and less downtime at the best value. 

What is the right solution?

We’re not here to sell you a product. We exist to remove the headache of identifying, designing, implementing, and optimizing your workflows.

Why? So you can store, search, and retrieve massive amounts of data in milliseconds and focus your time and budget on innovating.

You do things differently. So do we…

Off-the-shelf solutions often don’t fit. Too many Big Vendors skip straight to the sale before getting to know your unique challenges.

The result is you’re left to fend for yourself, weighing up options based on specs rather than your needs. This slows down your decision-making process, leaving you with incumbent systems that aren’t keeping up the pace.

How are we different?

We don’t have sales reps. We’re engineers who know that your business has specific data challenges… waiting to be uncovered and resolved.


Scrap the sales call

Sales calls don’t fix your problems. That’s why we start every relationship with a Discovery session and an open invitation to simply ask a question or two.

Once we understand your business’ needs, we’ll share our technical expertise and advice. Even if it means recommending something we don’t supply. 

A principled approach to problem solving

We built our businesses on relationships that span years, even decades. So we’re always happy to give value upfront. This works for both parties and forms the foundation of Daystrom’s values.

Value first: Giving impartial advice is the best approach to business. Even if it doesn’t result in a sale.

Expert Engineering: You know your business. We know data storage. Combining your expertise with our own creates exceptional solutions.


Meet The Experts

The secret to a successful project isn’t just about technology. It’s having the right people.

We believe the best results are achieved by speaking directly with industry experts, which is why there is no ‘Sales Lead’ in our team.

Our specialist engineers not only partner with you to advise, plan, and execute your implementation, they also oversee your support. Why? Because nobody can do that better than the people who were with you from the start.

Paul Evans

Founder / Principal Architect 

Tyson Webster

Director of Engineering 

Teresa Navarro

Project Coordinator

Nancy Bagdon


Josh Murphy

Director of QC / Lab Engineer

Pat Kelleher

Director of HR

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