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How to Automate and Scale Workflow Pipelines

By John Clarke Mills

Does your business have the right blend of people and software to efficiently scale your workflow? Every business has workflows or pipelines it must maintain to keep operations running. Manufacturing companies consume raw materials to create finished products. In turn, the sales department pipelines the products out the door to its customers. Internet tech startups aren’t any different. From hiring, lead generation, data onboarding and sales pipelines all the way down to the software release management, every company produces some sort of good or service that can be broken down into a series of workflows.

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OpenStack Manila ready to leave the incubator

By Carol Sliwa at SearchStorage.com

Momentum builds for OpenStack Manila file-share service for the cloud as work continues to move project from incubation to core status. OpenStack’s file-share service for the cloud, known by its project development name "Manila," is making progress toward achieving "full-blown core" status.

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HPC has a growing role to play in genomic sequencing

From ScientificComputing.com

The growing importance of high-performance computing (HPC) in the life sciences was highlighted by two announcements this week of genome research centres upgrading their HPC infrastructures.

Public Health England (PHE) and The Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (National Centre for Genome Analysis) (CNAG) in Barcelona have upgraded their HPC resources to enable faster and more effective analysis of genome sequences, with the eventual goal of developing genomic science to the point where it can be used in personalised medicine.

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Why The Next-Generation Data Center Needs To Be Agnostic

By Bill Kleyman at NetworkComputing.com.

In order to handle the growing traffic deluge, data centers need to leverage open infrastructure, software-defined technologies, and automation.

Our current compute model has opened up numerous new possibilities into data delivery, content management, and overall improvements in user experience. The reality is simple: If you're carrying a smart device, you're probably connected into a data center somewhere. This certainly wasn't the case a few years ago. Users are demanding a continuous flow of information to any device, anytime and anywhere. Mobility has become the new normal.

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