Faster workflows for data-heavy industries

Faster workflows for data-heavy industries.

Speed and Storage Problems Start with Broken and Outdated Workflows

Predicting which data storage solution is right for your business isn’t easy. The result? Firefighting with duct tape and glue ‘solutions’ that won’t scale, eventually slowing down retrieval and swallowing your time.

So, we created a solution.

We’ve spent 25 years helping businesses with complex data needs, so we know how to help you simplify, accelerate, and build scalability into your workflows.

By studying how your data moves, listening to your issues, and understanding the way you process data, we help you uncover the right solution without blowing up your budget.


Discover the Storage Solution for Your Unique Needs

All too often, tech suppliers specialize in selling you what they have—which isn’t always what you need. 

You don’t need to hear another sales pitch, so we won’t send you a sales rep.

Instead, imagine having a map of your unique workflows, one that defines exactly what technology you need to meet your goals of scalability and lightning retrieval. 

If you’re grappling with petabytes of data, talk to an engineer to find out which solution will work for you.


We’ll ask the right questions to define your storage needs with a tailored design.

You’ll be closer to your scalable, innovation-friendly data solution in less time than you would going it alone.

Once we finish our conversations, you’ll have:

  • a comprehensive analysis of your situation
  • a detailed set of recommendations for optimizing your systems and results.

Industry Specific Workflow Solutions

Visual Workflows for Media and Entertainment

No matter the format, your digital media assets are the lifeblood of your business. By understanding your production chain and learning how often your data moves vs. when it’s at rest, we can customize an innovative solution that offers virtual real-time access, creating an efficient environment for your creative team.

Bioinformatics and Genomics Workflows

From DNA sequencing and mapping to string manipulation, your bioinformatics team relies on copious amounts of storage and high speed processing to make new discoveries. By analyzing your workflows, we can create a scalable, yet elegant solution that matches current demand while simplifying later expansion.

Life Science and Research Workflows

From medical imaging (MRIs, slides, X-rays, etc.) to clinical trial data, notes, and reporting, your needs never end. The data storage solution you need must be scalable yet efficient, while maintaining accessibility to a host of different groups within your organization. Let our team show you where you can reduce redundancy by automating and by designing a system that grows as you do.


Current builds, as well as media promotions involving cinematics, are in a constant state of movement. By having a better grasp on where your data lies, and knowing when it shifts to another group, we can assist you in designing a scalable storage solution to address your needs, now and in the future.

XR- Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

Animated visualizations and overlay augmentation during broadcasts present challenges for real-time access and storage. After mapping your workflow, we will work with your group to create a high value systems package capable of delivering consistent results to meet your current and future needs.

A.I./Machine Learning

Your team needs are ever increasing, as predictive modeling and big data analysis relies on higher volumes of information to deliver meaningful results. Efficiently accessing petabytes of data, and even larger data sets, as well as storage at this level, requires a unique level of simplicity. Our experience in design and support can give you a meaningful edge in this competitive marketplace.


Accessing, analyzing, and storing the exabytes of seismic and well data, as well as maps and leases, requires more than an off the shelf solution. Let our expert team show you how to reduce your manual touch points and get the customized HPC system you need so you can maximize production, reduce environmental risks, and increase operational safety.

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