"Simplicity is the most difficult of all concepts."
- Brian Herbert


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Dynamic Enterprise Storage

Consolidate and transform block and file workloads into scale-out iSCSI and NFS deployments. Improve time-to-market with dramatic TCO savings compared to legacy enterprise storage arrays.
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IT Modernization

Deliver the power of cloud-native architectures that allow IT to support hyper-scale deployments at a fraction of the cost of legacy storage and cloud solutions.
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Big Data

Increase efficiency and lower costs across virtualized Hadoop and NoSQL environments by deploying dynamic storage for Big Data applications.
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FormationOne helps IT organizations realize transformative benefits from modern storage technology

To manage traditional workloads, Formation offers a single SDS system that enables enterprises to make optimum use of their infrastructure investments. For next-generation workloads, it supports modern data processing frameworks like MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra that drive cloud-based and embedded applications. FormationOne is the one storage system that can do it all—at low cost and massive scale.

"Science attempts to find logic and simplicity in nature. Mathematics attempts to establish order and simplicity in human thought."
- Edward Teller