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Daystrom Partners with Open Drives for Even Faster 4K Production Storage

The Open Drives Velocity and Exos platforms deliver the industry’s best balance of Cost-per-Usable-Terabyte vs. performance, enabling filmmakers to keep all production assets online throughout the editorial and visual fx process. Open Drives advanced storage architecture reduces VFX turn around, enables conform during editorial, and greatly increases DI efficiency by transparently shifting data from one storage type to another based on workload and data profile; this allows Open Drives to deliver solutions with advanced ‘Enterprise’ features and performance at price-points more inline to finite media budgets.

In concert to Open Drives responsive storage platforms and extensive team experience in modern media workflows, Daystrom brings deep knowledge of Data Grid standards and Software-Defined Storage (SDS) that enable end-to-end 4K pipelines, extensible Metadata, high-speed WAN transfer and Forever-Storage.

“The shift is to infrastructure that is assembled dynamically, driven by the scheduling system and other dynamic inputs that allow a system to adapt to the workloads of the moment. This adaptability remove excess costs in both the storage and data layers, and enables a ‘Quality of Service’ for the operators and clients that depend on it. The result is a system that can ingest, protect, process, and deliver content over a wide range of resolutions, platforms, and geographic locations,” stated Paul Evans, founder and CEO of Daystrom. “When you combine the performance and value of Open Drives with the end-to-end capabilities of a Data Grid, the value of the overall system grows exponentially in important ways, of which predictability, reliability, and reduction of waste are just the beginning.”

Daystrom is excited to be working with Open Drives and their history as a trusted solution on many of Hollywood's demanding data-intensive projects, which have included House of Cards , Gone Girl, Lawless, & American Hustle. The pairing Open Drives and Daystrom Data Grids is sure to create many innovative solutions for the Media industry throughout 2015.

"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability."
- Edsger W. Dijkstra