"Simplicities are enormously complex. Consider the sentence "I love you"."
- Richard O. Moore

Support Staff

Your organization is unique, and so is our approach.

Daystrom is dedicated to providing:

  • a precise fit, with on-target solutions that are flexible enough to change with today's dynamic business climate.
  • the best value, due to innovative, thoughtfully-designed systems.
  • a positive client experience, with the Daystrom team seeking to understand, collaborating with your team, executing well, and providing measurable results.

First, no call centers. Instead, we employ "A-Teams."

It can be frustrating to speak to a different support person each time you need something. When you contact Daystrom, we don't transfer you to someone on another continent, who knows nothing about your configuration, your needs, or even your business.

Instead, your organization is matched with a dedicated Daystrom Support Team that includes a(n):

  • Optimization Support (OpS) Coordinator—a single point of contact for obtaining urgent support, long-term optimization assistance, and business planning. The OpS Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all your needs are met throughout the year.
  • OpS Engineer—a primary technical contact and systems guru, the OpS Engineer is likely the person who commissioned your system and approved it for operational use. For this reason, he or she has a vested interest in making sure your operations run smoothly, reliably, and optimally—under all conditions. Your OpS Engineer knows your environment backwards and forwards, and can troubleshoot situations with zero ramp-up.
  • OpS Technician—a secondary technical contact and a diligent systems specialist, the OpS Technician helps with optimization data collection and end-to-end analysis. As a result, he or she also knows your systems well and makes an excellent stand-in when your OpS Engineer is temporarily unavailable.
  • Principal Architect—a tertiary technical contact and likely the original solution architect for your deployed system. Our Principal Architects are walking technical guides, with years of real-world experience and CLI commands permanently etched into their muscle memory. The Principal Architect oversees the Optimization Goals & Metrics for your system, and is the escalation point for any befuddling problems that emerge over time.
"In normal life, "simplicity" is synonymous with "easy to do," but when a chef uses the word, it means "takes a lifetime to learn."
- Bill Buford