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4K Workflow

Cutting Edge Workflow Innovation

4K wkflowThe emerging next generation digital media standard is 4K, which dramatically increases high definition video resolution. With such innovations comes the challenge of a 4-fold increase in storage over HD and play back that requires much higher bandwidth networking. Shuffling high-res content between high-speed storage resources and those of lower capability is among the time consuming and costly challenges of processing high-resolution content that Daystrom's 4K workflow solutions automate.

In a Post or Broadcast facility, many different workstations are required to access and manipulate data, each with different requirements for the amount of data that needs to be accessed sequentially to be productive. Daystrom addresses this challenge with specialized storage systems that meet the requirements of 4K data workflow, IOPS and throughput.

Daystrom developed the "software-defined" storage & "software-defined" networking middleware that:

  • Automates the process of 4K workflow
  • Enables end-to-end media system designs
  • Incorporates scale-out tiered storage, data durability, adaptive performance, geo-predictability, and secure self healing capabilities
  • Supports high frame rates and other developing formats that exceed client expectations and requirements

Answers for Studios

Many Studios utilize staff to manually manage their 4K data based on feedback from scheduling applications and client driven deadlines. While a significant amount of 4K data resides on networked storage, many application driven workstations deliver greater performance with directly attached storage. Studios/Post facilities and soon Broadcasters will be faced with the archiving & repurposing challenges of all this 4K data. The increased use of High Frame Rate and soon High Bit rate files will create additional challenges for storage and the management vast amounts of 4K data.

Daystrom's storage platforms change dynamically with instructions from control layer software to directly address studios challenges.

Our infrastructure is "assembled" dynamically, driven by the scheduling system and other dynamic inputs that remove excess costs in the storage layer, and provide maximum performance for the operators and clients that depend on it. The result is a system that can ingest, protect, process, and deliver content over a wide range of resolutions, platforms, and geographic locations.

In essence, Daystrom's solution learns how to meet the needs of the business over time, and adapts to provide exactly those resources when and where needed.

"The most creative approach is often the simple approach."
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