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Big Data, HPC, Content Storage

big dataGetting a Handle on Big Data

Data sets that are large and complex need special attention. Daystrom can help your organization analyze, organize, and streamline big and complex data using big data analytics.

This process examines large amounts of differing types of data to uncover hidden patterns, reveal unknown correlations, and expose data idiosyncrasies. These findings can provide competitive advantages over rival organizations, resulting in concrete business benefits such as more effective marketing and increased revenue.

Daystrom also has expertise in designing content distribution architecture , which allows end users access to valuable sub-elements of the data set, such as a movie. Daystrom's leading-edge architecture provides access to large volumes of data, solves complex problems , and enhances performance .

Our experts can also discuss whether your organization might benefit from parallel (cluster) file systems, which expand storage bandwidth and capacity almost linearly across multiple modular storage nodes. With a long track record of success, they provide optimum performance, are high scalable, and are cost-effective. They are used mainly for applications that create large amounts of unstructured data. Despite their advanced nature, cluster file systems often lack features that are commonplace in general IT. Daystrom can assist you in closing this "features gap" so that you can comfortably increase the use of these systems within your enterprise.

Regardless of the chosen technology, Daystrom experts can work with your team to provide storage solutions that are scalable, tiered, and self-managing.

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