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Digital Asset Management and Workflow Automation

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Media companies are unique and dynamic. Their processes and workflows are constantly evolving, as media creators produce content that pushes the boundaries. They get support from technical innovators who can help them achieve dazzling new levels of quality, realism, and virtual reality with incredible speed and flexibility.

Unfortunately, it is common for an IT department with little practical media experience to be given a high level authority and a budget to manage and integrate a company's valuable media technology. As a result, the company may struggle to use business-centric tools (square peg) to solve its media-specific challenges (round hole).

Daystrom's groundbreaking partner, TransFoundry, offers custom solutions for file-based digital media workflows through its Q MediaFoundry product line. Rather than treating your media files as run-of-the-mill spreadsheets and text documents, Q MediaFoundry inspects your files at every step to assess its unique elements — from audio and video, to ancillary data such as close captioning.

Q MediaFoundry offers custom:

  • Digital asset management (DAM), to organize the creation, management, distribution, and archiving of a rich media assets like photos, music, videos, animations, podcasts, and other multimedia content.
  • Workflow Automation, to simplify the task of automating digital media workflows for film, television, and the web. Workflows can also be stored in a database and also exported for backup.
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