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Long-term Storage

long term storManaging Unending Growth

In your organization, does deleting data require approvals from three hard-to-track-down executives? Do they often decide to "just keep it a while longer," out of fear that the data might someday be needed?

Without a smart strategy, data ends up sloshing around within a storage infrastructure. This not only uses up valuable storage space, but wastes expensive administrator time as well. Still, some of that data will turn out to be useful in the future.

What's the best solution?

Daystrom can provide a long-term storage strategy and infrastructure, using a set of technologies to intelligently route data to the optimal location within an often global storage network.

This routing and relocation is generally transparent to the end users and provides the most cost-efficient storage possible for the data characteristics required—from solid state to tape.

Long-term data storage is:

  • Convenient. Our solutions provide speedy access to data—at any time, day or night.
  • Self-maintaining. Using metadata and intradata policies, the system is designed to self-monitor, self-migrate, and self-heal data throughout the data life cycle—from high-IO processing to a typically inactive reference state.
  • Affordable. It puts a stop to overspending on data storage via thoughtful, long-term optimization without compromising data integrity or safety.
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